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Read our advices on how to create, buy and dive into the NFT world.

A NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset. NFTs are unique, that is, they cannot be replicated or replaced.

NFT can be any digital object: a video, a photo, a GIF, a text, an article, an audio, etc.

To proceed with the purchase of NFT it is necessary to use a crypto wallet. The most commonly used is MetaMask . Other options can be Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, Venly, Trust Wallet, etc.

eg: MetaMask


Step 1: Download MetaMask

To create a wallet, you must first install the browser extension.

Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers all support MetaMask. There are also currently unsupported browsers (eg: Safari, Opera, …)

MetaMask download from the official site metamask.io .

Once on the MetaMask website, click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome” and you will be directed to the Chrome Store to download and add the extension to your browser.

Step 2: Create your account

After adding the extension to your browser, the next step is to set up your account.

If this is your first time, after opening MetaMask, click on “Create a wallet” .

After doing this, you will be asked to accept the terms of use and you will then need to create a password (this password will be required to access your wallet from time to time).

The most important step follows: MetaMask will reveal your 12 word “Seed Phrase” to you.

Do not share your screen during this operation and do not allow anyone to see this sentence.

‍Do not copy or paste these words into the Notes app or anywhere on your computer or phone.

These must be noted and stored offline and kept safe.

When writing your Seed Phrase, remember that it must be written in sequential order in the same way it was presented on screen.

Losing the Seed Phrase or typing it in the wrong order means losing access to all the crypto contained in that wallet.

You will then be asked to confirm that sentence in the same order it was presented before.

After confirming, the creation procedure will be finished.


Simply search for MetaMask in your phone store and install it to get started, or from the official website https://metamask.io/download/ The procedure creation is very similar to that for the desktop version.

IMPORTANT: beware of unofficial apps.

Your wallet address will be at the top of the interface and if you click on it, it will copy the entire 42-digit string of numbers and letters so you can paste them.

Now, this address is like your home address. You can give it to someone who wants to send you cryptocurrencies, or you can use it to send you cryptocurrencies.

To get cryptocurrencies in your wallet, all you need to do is open an account in one of the many exchanges where you can buy it (Coinbase, Gemini, etc.), link your bank account on their platform, buy a crypto, send that cryptocurrency to the your wallet using the 42-digit address associated with it.

MetaMask supports in-app purchase of cryptocurrencies, but it is preferable to receive it with a transfer (eg: Coinbase> Metamask).

And after making a transfer, you have a fully functional and ready-to-use crypto wallet.

In order to purchase or add funds, it is necessary to comply with the procedures indicated by the reference provider.

Example of NFT purchase on OpenSea

Step 1: Connect your wallet.

All you need to start trading on OpenSea is a wallet that can hold NFTs.


To connect OpenSea to MetaMask from a browser, go to opensea.io and go to the profile icon at the top right > select Profile > select MetaMask > Log in to MetaMask > Choose the wallet you want to connect to > Click on Connect.

NB: from mobile you will need to use the app.

Once your wallet is connected, you can set up your profile on the site. This is not strictly necessary and many users choose to remain anonymous. In this case, OpenSea will assign a random six-digit alphanumeric code to your account to replace your account name.

Many users name their account and fill out their profile photo and bio. How you use this wallet is up to you.

Now that your wallet is connected, you will be able to buy NFTs, bid, list NFTs you own for sale, and sign other transactions to make changes to your account.

Step 2: Choose an NFT

You can view entire collections, filter by sale items, auction items and items with a “Buy Now” price. This aspect of the site works much like eBay auctions do.

Within a collection you can search by property if you are looking for something specific above the starting price.

Step 3: Purchase NFT

Some NFTs are listed with Buy Now prices, others are up for auction, you can bid in the hope that your bid will be accepted.

When you buy an NFT at the Buy Now price, this is the price you are paying (chosen Cryptocurrency + GAS) to receive ownership of the asset. When it’s up for auction, you’re bidding on what you’re willing to pay.

Signing of the transaction and payment of the gas commission (GAS FEE)
You have now selected the exact non-fungible token you want and it’s time to initiate the transaction. The site will trigger a transaction on your wallet which you will then need to approve. This is where you will have to pay the gas charge to the network in addition to the NFT price.

Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to cover both of them.

Once the transaction is complete, you should be notified by both your wallet and the platform.

Before finalizing the purchase, it is essential to understand and accept the purchase contractual conditions made public by the platform as well as additional contractual conditions set by the seller and / or the artist.

It is important to read the content of the agreement to understand what rights you are purchasing relating to the selected NFT.

These FAQs contain only courtesy information provided by UNVRZ to the user on a voluntary basis as a suggestion and therefore do not constitute contractual conditions or indications to be followed and respected.

The user is therefore required to read and comply with the conditions published by the providers of the listed services, such as, for example, MetaMask </ a> and OpenSea as they constitute the only conditions applicable to such services.

If you have any questions, please contact support@unvrz.io

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